Remote Office Connectivity

What is the need of Remote Office Connectivity?

As organizations expand their geographic reach across the country and across the world, they face the challenge of giving remote offices, plants and other facilities access to the same applications and information that are available at their headquarters. There is growing momentum to allow workers to work from home. Business partners may reside down the street, across town, or across the world. Each of these locations may operate with different computing infrastructures, including a variety of network connections, client hardware, software applications and bandwidth resources.

How ATN & RK Software Ltd. can help you with Remote Office Connectivity?

Integrating diverse platforms and technologies into a cohesive enterprise network can cause delays that organizations don’t need. ATN & RK Software Ltd. provide Remote Office Connectivity solutions makes it easy to give remote offices and workers high-performance, secure access to full-featured applications and information on any device or network connection, while cost-effectively maintaining and supporting these applications deployments.
Remote Office Connectivity Solutions deliver measurable benefits. Enabling on-demand access to corporate and customer information helps employees be more productive, provides better service, and builds customer satisfaction and loyalty. Organizations become more agile by accelerating the integration of new offices and reducing time-to-market for new services.
With implemented remote office connectivity solutions from ATN & RK Software Ltd. your organization can:
  • Configure, manage and enable application access from one central location, reducing the cost of provisioning remote offices individually.
  • Improve time-to-value for business expansion with accelerated delivery of ERP, CRM, and office productivity applications, whether host-based, client/server or native Web-based.
  • Save the cost and time required to dispatch IT staff to service remote locations.
  • Securely deploy applications over the Internet, saving telecommunication and network costs.
  • Enhance customer service by providing remote contact centers with access to centralized customer care systems.
  • Ease the implementation of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) by enabling seamless, secure access to enterprise resources while maintaining control of your data.