Integrated Web based Solution for Money Remittance

The RKSI solution is an Internet-based remittance program with a front end that provides customers a single window for all their payments requirements. Based on Microsoft technologies, this solution offers our clients an infrastructure that is easy to implement and manage without compromising on the ever-increasing demands of the market.

International Remittance System

The system was designed with features to support corporations which require multi-currency, multi-country operations. These features can be used at remote locations to collect remittances for foreign destinations. At the same time, the system will support the continual move to provide simpler remittance management services to connect banks (from the United States to Central America), foreign corporations, or associations with operations or offices in the United States, which provides a unified solution for the marketplace. All of this is backed by the RKSI proven expertise in international remittances across the globe, making for an unbeatable proposition.

A Few Features

  • A web-based system to aggregate Remittances from throughout the United States
  • Online access and control
  • A decrease in costs for cross border wire transfers
  • Scheduled processing – Facilitates day-to-day operations
  • Cross border payments support – Facilitates exchange of payments with the US and other countries at a fraction of the cost
  • Automated returns management – Avoids manual generation of return entries
  • Corporate data files mapping – To easily collect payment transactions from customers with different data specifications
  • Automated management of credits/debits to specific accounts by date and instances – For more efficient management of repeating payments
  • Bilateral and multilateral settlement reports – For better control of an organization’s financial picture
  • Flexible design and architecture to comply with any regional/legal requirements
  • Risk management
  • Multi-institutional processing
  • Automated stop payments
  • Availability in English, Spanish, Bangladeshi and Chinese
  • Billing statistics – For billing customers that benefit from your e-payments services
  • Collection/validation of electronic debits/credits and checks from multiple origination points
  • Warehousing, distribution, and settlement of e-payments
  • Online settlement reports and statistics
  • Distribution of net position information to regulatory agents or central banks

The software runs on the powerful IBM eServers computer family, using either the Windows or Linux Operating system. An embedded SQL-Server/Oracle/Sybase database is used on both of the hardware platforms.

The software is browser-based, requiring no special software installation on client PCs accessing servers installed at financial service bureaus.

  • Extensive Administrative Interface
  • Investigation Processing Interface
  • Tracking of Transactions
  • Automatic Bounce Notification system.
  • OFAC/SDN Automated Scanning
  • Double Automated AML checks to mitigate risks
  • Extensive Customer Credit & Total Payment Risk Control
  • Extensive list of management/control reports.

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