Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Reporting Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) covers methods and technologies used by companies to manage their relationships with clients. Information stored on existing customers (and potential customers) is analyzed and used to this end. Automated CRM processes are often used to generate automatic personalized marketing based on the customer information stored in the system.

Integrated Web based Solution for CRM & Financial Reporting

The internet based service is built upon our three-year heritage of developing powerful Financial Bureau Reporting & CRM software systems. Our system utilizes the latest hardware & software technologies, providing unprecedented system availability and simplicity of use.

The software runs on the powerful IBM eServers computer family, using either the Windows or Linux Operating system. An embedded SQL-Server/Oracle/Sybase database is used on either of the hardware platforms.

The software is browser-based, requiring no special software installation on client PCs accessing servers installed at financial service bureaus.

Enterprise CRM and Financial Reporting System Architecture

Enterprise CRM and Financial Reporting System Architecture

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