Management Information System (MIS)

What is MIS?

in order to define MIS, it must be principally divided into the three facets that constitute it—which are: Management, Information, and Systems. In furthering the ideas, Management defines the process through which managers plan, organize, initiate and control operations within their businesses. Essentially, a management can only exist when there are subjects/ workers to be managed. Information generally refers to analyzed data. In other words, information (with regards to business) results from data that is analyzed using business statutes, principles and theories advanced by various macro-economists. Finally, System refers to “A set of elements joined together for a common objective.” More often than not, business systems normally consist of smaller systems—known as subsystems—which all function towards ensuring efficacy of the large systems. As a matter of fact, systems vary from one organization to another depending on the nature of organizational operations, size of the businesses and organizational priorities among many other salient factors.

How ATN & RK Software can help you with MIS ?

Despite the rich positives associated with the role of MIS in decision making process, there are a few challenges that are believed to limit the efficacy of MIS. These include:
• The dynamic nature of MIS makes it difficult for some organizations to keep up with the principles, strategies, propositions or even ideas.
• Different situations call for different decisions to be made. This poses challenges to MIS theorists since some MIS tend to not be adaptable
• The institutionalization, programming, monitoring and evaluating MIS requires a lot of expertise—something which numerous organizations lack.
• The running of MIS programs tends to be relatively costly for some organization—especially small ones who are not well-endowed financially.
• MIS is more of a science-oriented field while business is art-oriented. Consequently, finding a middle ground where the two can be linked is quite challenging to some people.
• Most organizations do not a well-defined decision making system. So even with the right MIS tools, very little can be achieved in terms of improving decision-making.With our Experts with vast experience, our MIS strategies is tailored in such a way that the all business goals can be achieved. We always keep in mind that improvement in decision making is fundamentally meant to ensure customer satisfaction while businesses continue to flourish in success.

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