Document management Solutions

A document management system (DMS) is a computer system (or set of computer programs) used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents. It is usually also capable of keeping track of the different versions created by different users (history tracking). The term has some overlap with the concepts of content management systems. It is often viewed as a component of enterprise content management (ECM) systems and related to digital asset management, document imaging, workflow systems and records management systems.

ATN & RK Software Ltd. provide a complete paperless document management software solution, allowing organizations to increase efficiency and security, mitigate compliance risks, save physical space and reduce their carbon footprint — all without fundamental changes to existing workflows and processes.Traditional filing systems — documents scattered across filing cabinets, shared drives and personal hard drives, with ad hoc security measures and little or no version control protocol — are rife with hassles, headaches, risks and expense. By creating a centralized repository where all documents are accessed, managed, indexed and shared, Our document management software allows you to get rid of paper, find information easily and focus on core competencies. We provide:

  • Initial study and choice of best-suiting document management system
  • Implementation and customization of document management software
  • 1,2,3rd line support and maintenance of chosen electronic document management software

More details on our services around ECM project. We provide:

  • Development of the strategy for creation of a complex ECM system in context of the business strategy and IT strategy of your company
  • Preliminary inspection of your company for the introduction of typical or branch-oriented solutions
  • Analysis and projecting of the requirements to the Input Management
  • Analysis and projecting of the requirements to the handling of confidencial information
  • Projecting of the solution architecture due to the corporate IT architecture and project dimensions
  • Analysis and projecting of the requirements to the hardware for the solution
  • Introduction of a typical functional solution
  • Development and introduction of an individual solution (functional or branch-oriented)
  • Integration of the solution with the corporate information system of the client, the data storage infrastructure and the IT infrastructure management system
  • Training of the IT specialists and the users
  • Technical support
  • Further development and adjustment of the realized solution


If you need an electronic document management system, you can choose between:

  • Licensed document management system software, e.g. such big DMS solutions as Documentum from EMC and SharePoint, great document collaboration software from Microsoft
  • Open source document management system software, such as Alfresco, a fairly new web based document management system.
  • Smaller licensed documents management software, such as Directum, DocVision, etc. which we can choose together with you


Why you should use the document management services of Inter-computer:

  • Reasonable prices
    We can offer you a ready document management solution which we already developed, so you will save costs on custom development of your document management software system
  • Quality
    We have great expertise in creating and implementing DMS solutions using best document management software, so speed and quality guaranteed
  • We have our own IP
    We have internally-developed PDF software, which we can use in your documents management system, making your electronic archives extremely efficient
  • Deep vertical expertise 
    We have deep expertise in the financial and industry sectors, so we will make sure your desktop or online document management system really add value to your business
  • Smart intergation
    We know now to integrate new document management software system into your existing IT ecosystem


As you can see, we can design a document management software system tailored to your company’s processes. Rest assured, be it licensed or document management system open source, we’ll choose the best tools for your particular situation. Using ECM solutions, your employees can securely convert hardcopy pages into electronic documents and data, store them in an archive, quickly search for the right document, add attributes and watermarks to documents and distribute documents automatically to multiple users.

Our solutions solve a number of complex, critical business tasks. We have developed solutions for such serious enterprises as banks, insurance companies, nuclear power plants, automobile manufacturers, international medical companies, oil companies, etc. Large enterprises require a very careful approach – you need to ensure the smooth migration of existing data, implement the correct business processes in a very flexible way and improve performance without affecting production. Smaller companies need flexible solution solving their needs with good budget. We are able to satisfy both. We provide a thoughtful, detail oriented approach and the highest quality of service.